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Just put yourself out there and see where the velcro sticks.

Filmmaker. Interview Magazine Web Superstar "Award for Making People Talk" & Billboard "Music on the Move", best live music videos in the US.

David Bates, Jr. / "" / "David Jr" is a Director, Producer, Videographer, and Editor, creating works online since getting the URL "" in 1995 while still in high school.

His work covers a broad range of styles and subject matters. 
videos, short form and feature length documentaries, portraits and interviews of artists and celebrities, music videos, video art and random off-the-cuff scenarios.

Bates work has been exhibited internationally in public space and cultural centers. Among his best known composed video works are Bjork and Ryoji Ikeda in Times Square. 
His video NFT “Her Way” was featured in the audience award winning official SXSW metaverse by Ristband in 2023.
David Jr has attracted press for his range of work in the arts, contemporary culture, and artistic spin in commercial projects for such clients as IBM, W Magazine, Starburst Candy, MTV, Capital One, Acura, MSN, Puma, Jet Blue, K*Swiss & others. His work was discovered by Interview Magazine founded by Andy Warhol, earning him the Award for Making People Talk – “his charmingly raw documentary-style shorts and off-the-cuff interviews with the likes of Christian Slater and Robert Wilson got the blogosphere – and the entertainment industry – buzzing.” has exhibited with Streaming Museum and international partnering organizations in public spaces and cultural centers on 7 continents, including Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai, Kvinesdal, Bucharest, Johannesburg, Antarctica, Toronto, São Paulo, Split, Melbourne, Sydney, New York City, 23 BBC screens across the UK, and other cities.

Two plus two can equal three or five depending on the speed at which you add them.

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